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The election money race: an early Top 10 list

Which legislative incumbents and candidates have raised the most money so far this election season? We have the list.

The U of I has billed us twice — for the same public records

At issue are records that we believe will tell an important part of the story about the U of I’s proposed University of Phoenix purchase. We are seeking invoices the U of I has paid out so far, related to the purchase.

NIC to end contract with interim president

Gregory South’s tenure in the president’s office was short, and illustrative of the politics on a divided NIC board.

We’re paying the U of I for Phoenix-related records. Here’s why.

We still believe the public shouldn’t have to pay for public records. We also believe the U of I’s billing practices delay and dissuade records requests. But we also don’t believe we should walk away, just because we’re hitting resistance.

Rajbhandari tackled during protest at DeSantis campaign event

It is the second time in four months that the Boise school trustee and 2023 Boise High School graduate showed up at a public protest.

Goodbye, Holt Arena. Hello, ICCU Dome

Idaho Central Credit Union has agreed to pay $6 million over 12 years for arena naming rights.

Launch applications: How they stack up by legislative district

Seeking to build Statehouse support for Idaho Launch, Gov. Brad Little’s office has crunched the application numbers by legislative district. Here’s what the numbers say.

Prosecutors work at murder scene, as U of I plans demolition next week

The U of I plans to follow through on a controversial plan to raze the house; the demolition is scheduled for Dec. 28.

Lawmakers look to cut into bond ‘supermajority’ requirement

“People are generally getting more and more dissatisfied with the fact that we’re not able to address our aging facilities in public education,” Senate Education Committee Chairman Dave Lent told the Idaho Statesman.

Divided NIC board gives chairman blanket authority over lawsuits

The move drew fire from two trustees. “The day is going to come when somebody in this community will have had a gut full of this silliness and there will be a lawsuit filed.”