The details matter, and public debate of the Phoenix purchase is lacking

The State Board has a public duty to facilitate public meetings and extensive debate for a transaction so large and so transformative of Idaho’s higher education system.

Vouchers – no accountability giveaways

Let’s be clear. Educational vouchers will benefit only the Boise-based wealthy.

House Bill 415 is a disaster waiting to happen

The biggest problem with HB 415 is that it violates a conservative principle of local control.

The extremist branch of Idaho’s GOP is producing a moving experience

Extremist legislators have been relentlessly and unjustifiably attacking libraries and librarians since out-of-state dark money groups placed them on the target list a couple of years ago.

HB 415 misses the mark with its focus on response over prevention

The Board of the Idaho Association of School Resource Officers opposes a bill that would allow school staff to carry firearms on campus.

Tax credits have the same impact as other voucher-like programs

Idaho’s legislators should not be fooled. If the tax credit passes, the voucher lobbyists will be back to expand it and they will continue pressuring lawmakers to pass an education savings account.

House Bill 415 could have disastrous results for Idaho schools

No one on school district property should be allowed to carry a gun, except properly trained school resource officers.

Polling Paradox: Idaho voters increasingly Republican, increasingly agree with Idaho Democrats on issues

To long-time Republicans who have been left behind by their party, I invite you to take a closer look at Idaho Democrats.

Supporting our students doesn’t have to be complicated

I am happy to report that our schools do focus on reading and math.

The Idaho Constitution says no taxpayer money for private schooling

Some people, who simply don’t know what they are talking about, falsely claim the Blaine Amendment is a “dead letter”