Celebrating successes: Idaho’s highest grad rates by school

Editor’s note: Updated Feb. 1 to include Sage International School on the large, nontraditional list. 

Not as many Idaho students are graduating on time as state education leaders would like, but some schools have met and exceeded those high hopes, and others are closing in. 

EdNews combed recently-released data from the Idaho Department of Education to identify the schools that are at the top, exceeding the statewide average (81% in 2023), and sometimes, even the lofty state goal (95%). 

Read on to find out which schools have the greatest percentage of students earning a high school diploma on time. 

A few things to keep in mind before you dig into the data:

  • Senior class size vs. four-year cohort size: We’ve included the four-year cohort size for each school. A cohort is different than the senior class size, partly because it includes students who drop out between freshman and senior year.
    • Here’s how the IDE defines a cohort: “Students who are entering grade 9 for the first time form a cohort that is subsequently ‘adjusted’ by adding any students who transfer into the school during the next four years and subtracting any students who transfer out, immigrate to another country, or pass away during that same time period.”
  • Our categories: There are myriad possible ways to consider and arrange data. We’ve done so in the way we thought fairest, trying to compare the most similar schools, according to size and type. 
  • An imperfect comparison: It’s still an imperfect comparison; it doesn’t account for the many other differences between schools, such as location, student demographics, the school’s level of funding, and more. It’s just intended to be a glimpse into the data. 
  • Find your school or district here: You can also search the entire dataset (hit “control F” on the document and a search bar will appear) to find your school if it’s not listed here, or use it to compile the data in different ways. 

Here are the standouts, as sorted by:

  • Small traditional schools; large traditional schools; small nontraditional schools; and large nontraditional schools. 

Top small traditional schools (cohorts fewer than 100)

District School Four-year graduation rate Cohort size
Lake Pend Oreille Clark Fork High 100 23
Grace  Grace High 100 37
Clark County Clark County District 100 11
Kootenai Kootenai High 100 6
South Lemhi Leadore Schools 100 6
Mullan Mullan Schools 100 11
Castleford Castleford Schools 100 19
Murtaugh Murtaugh Schools 100 23
McCall-Donnelly McCall-Donnelly High 97.7 86
Oneida County Malad Senior High 97.6 83

Top large traditional schools (cohorts of 100 or more)

District School Four-year graduation rate Cohort size
Lakeland Timberlake High 97.6 124
Madison Madison Senior High 96.6 409
Snake River Snake River High 96.2 132
Fruitland Fruitland High 95.5 132
Bonneville Thunder Ridge High 95 379
West Ada Eagle High 94.4 447
West Ada Owyhee High 94.4 301
Bonneville Hillcrest High 92.9 252
Minidoka County  Minico Senior High 92.9 269
Middleton Middleton High 92.8 305

Top small nontraditional (charter, magnet, online, alternative) schools (cohorts fewer than 40)

Local education agency School Four-year graduation rate Cohort size
White Pine Charter, Inc.  White Pine Charter 100 5
North Idaho STEM Charter Academy, Inc.  North Idaho STEM Charter Academy 100 24
Gem Prep: Pocatello Gem Prep: Pocatello 100 1
Gemp Prep: Meridian Gemp Prep: Meridian 100 6
Gem Prep: Nampa Gem Prep: Nampa 100 1
West Ada Meridian Technical Charter 97.2 36
Victory Charter Victory Charter 96.8 31
Liberty Charter Liberty Charter 96.4 28
West Ada  Idaho Fine Arts Academy (magnet) 96.3 27
Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter Taylor’s Crossing Public CHarter 93.8 16
American Heritage Charter American Heritage Charter 93.8 16

Top large nontraditional (charter, magnet, online, alternative) schools (cohorts of 40 or more)

District School Four-year graduation rate Cohort size
West Ada Renaissance (magnet) 99.3 140
West Ada Meridian Medical Arts Charter 97.6 41
Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy 96.5 57
Idaho Falls Compass Academy 95.4 109
Charter School, Inc.  Vision Charter 95.8 48
Lakeland Mountainview Alternative High 91.1 45
Bonneville Bonneville Online School 89.8 88
Mountain Home Bennett Mountain Alternative 88.9 45
Post Falls New Vision Alternative 88.9 45
Sage International Sage International School 88.2 51

Data analyst Randy Schrader contributed to this report. 

Carly Flandro

Carly Flandro

Reporter Carly Flandro works in EdNews’ East Idaho bureau. A former high school English teacher, she writes about teaching, learning, diversity, and equity. You can follow Flandro on Twitter @idahoedcarly and send her news tips at [email protected].

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