Jim Jones

Labrador performs political hatchet job on Open Primaries initiative

It would establish a primary election where all candidates run on a single ticket, allowing every voter to select from the entire field.

The North Idaho College debacle demonstrates the dangers of extremism

The hostile take-over was engineered by Brent Regan and his collection of far-right extremists.

Remembering and mourning our foreign partners on Memorial Day

Although I rarely find issues upon which I totally agree with Senator Jim Risch, Ukraine is one such issue–an exceedingly important one.

Conservatives should not fear ranked choice voting, extremists should

The disruptive wing of the GOP, which brought us Dorothy Moon, Janice McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings, will fight the initiative tooth and nail.

A bright silver lining shines through an ugly cloud of misinformation  

HB 71 will be challenged in court and likely be declared unconstitutional.

Public education fared better than expected in the 2023 legislative session

Going into the legislative session, it was almost a foregone conclusion that legislators would force taxpayers to start paying parents to send their kids to private and religious schools.

Extremist GOP legislators are at it again, attacking our public libraries

The folks unhappy with pornography are attacking the wrong target. Libraries don’t traffic in pornography. That is the job of the internet.

What an Idaho school funding lawsuit might look like

Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court has opened a back door to the Idaho treasury–if states provide taxpayer money for private schooling, they must also provide it for religious schooling.

A disheartening preview of coming attractions at the Statehouse theater

We have Idaho’s fledgling Attorney General Raul Labrador, going beyond his scripted duties under Idaho law and inserting himself into an education controversy that is none of his business.

What’s with the Mountain States Policy Center? Part One

My theory is that the Idaho Freedom Foundation has sustained substantial damage to its credibility so MSPC was called in to present a gentler voice in advocating for the same things.