Geoff Thomas

Vouchers – no accountability giveaways

Let’s be clear. Educational vouchers will benefit only the Boise-based wealthy.

School superintendent qualifications

Frequently, a superintendent must restrain their personal political views in order to not offend their patrons and subsequently polarize a community.

Why Higher Education?

Higher education assists in helping people develop higher order thinking skills, thus, enabling the key ability of pondering complex and often contradictory ideas at the same time.

Why higher education matters

It correlates with better and higher paying employment.

Vouchers — welfare for the rich

While I agree that parents have a right to pay for their own child’s religious upbringing or indoctrination, why should I, or other taxpayers like me be forced to do so?

In praise of school board members

On behalf of my colleagues across Idaho, may I express my sincere appreciation for your dedicated service to our students and staff.

Idaho suffers from a significant trust deficit

We have all the tools necessary to forge the very best for our children and grandchildren. We are Idahoans and we can do better.

Here’s advice I wish I would have received when graduating from high school

Be headed somewhere. Be determined. Have a worthwhile goal that really stretches you to the limit, and then move heaven and earth to get there.

Hoffman’s negative article is far removed from reality

Public education is the greatest discovery made by modern society.

Districts struggle to attract and retain qualified teachers

Madison’s superintendent recommends that Idahoans address fiscal stability by offering highly competitive base salaries to educators.