Statehouse roundup, 2.1.24: Budget committee agrees on 3% employee raises

MORE INSIDE: Teachers union says arming school staff is unsafe, proposal to limit special legislative sessions advances.

Statehouse roundup, 1.31.24: Bill to arm teachers easily clears House after lengthy debate

MORE INSIDE: New bill would create geographic regions for State Board of Education appointees.

Superintendent shuffle: 2024 turnover at education’s helm

Find out who is stepping away, and who’s stepping in.

Judge rejects Labrador’s open meetings lawsuit against State Board

Tuesday’s ruling clears one major obstacle blocking the University of Idaho’s proposed $685 million University of Phoenix purchase. U of I officials hope to close the complex and controversial deal early this year.

Democratic Reps. Chew and Nash have substitutes serving for them in Idaho House

Former Boise schools superintendent Don Coberly is serving as a long-term substitute during 2024 Idaho legislative session.

In wake of nixed levy, Idaho Falls’ next move is complicated

The path is muddied by an ongoing legislative session that puts state funding in flux.

Statehouse roundup, 1.30.24: Bill to arm school teachers on hold, for now

INSIDE: Vote on Blaine Amendment repeal delayed, and a much-anticipated bill to subsidize private school tuition made its first appearance Tuesday. 

Jerome teachers take Monday off in protest, leading to district closure

About 90 teachers took a personal leave day to protest a school board decision and other stressors.

Statehouse roundup, 1.29.24: Republican proposes disclaimer that school vaccines are ‘not mandatory’

INSIDE: New ISU president speaks with lawmakers, bill requiring smartphone filters is introduced

Analysis: Trial spotlights transparency — but not the Phoenix purchase

A robust public debate over government transparency is healthy and useful. It’s too bad Idahoans have never been afforded the same opportunity to debate the proposed University of Phoenix purchase.