State Policy

Amid red flags, state launches Empowering Parents grants review

Some of the federally funded grants may have been used to cover ineligible purchases — such as clothes, TVs, smart watches or household cleaning items. And it’s not clear whether the state can get its money back.

Analysis: For Idaho Launch, the countdown to liftoff is already underway

It was tough getting Idaho Launch through the Legislature. And it will be tough getting the ambitious but controversial workforce training program off the ground.

Senate passes Idaho Launch bills, as incentive plan nears finish line

The program, one of Gov. Brad Little’s top education priorities, would allow high school graduates to receive up to $8,000 to attend community college, pursue a career-technical education certificate or complete workforce training.

Analysis: An encouraging, but complicated, picture of higher ed enrollment

The quick soundbite: All four of Idaho’s four-year schools picked up enrollment this fall. But below the surface, there’s a lot more to the story.

Analysis: Idaho picks a fledgling firm to ship $50 million of grants to parents

A $1.5 million contract went to a New York-based vendor who was not the state’s low bidder, and has never run a similar project in any other state, according to public records obtained by Idaho Education News.