More choices, more challenges

Our weeklong series, “More choices, more challenges,” dives into the issues surrounding Idaho’s fast-growing charter school sector, from the schools’ growth and appeal to their funding and performance.

Facts about Idaho charter schools

Questions and confusion swirl around Idaho’s decades-old charter school movement. Here's some history and data to help set the record straight.

Idaho’s charter schools bring choices — and challenges

Charter schools are a popular in Idaho, but issues of accessibility, achievement and pushback remain.

Idaho charters still stir debate

Concerns about growth come as thousands of students flocked to public charters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Charters are among Idaho’s highest — and lowest — performing schools

Supporters can rightfully brag that, on average, Idaho’s public charter schools outperform its traditional schools in several areas. But better overall scores don’t tell the whole story.

‘I took it as a challenge’: Families tell why they choose charters

It may be the school's reputation for pushing kids academically. Or not.

Can Idaho’s charter schools diversify?

An overall lack of student diversity in Idaho's charter schools has fueled a range of efforts to bring school choice to a wider array of students. But challenges persist.