There are 187 studies on impact of education choice – and the results are overwhelming

If you had these odds, you’d buy a lottery ticket. This is the week each year that we celebrate education choice. Those across the political spectrum have recognized the need to provide kids with more options, whether they be public, private, religious, charter or magnet. Education choice means all the above. It does not mean…

Calls grow louder for budget amendment

Craig, in 1979, was among the state senators voting for a constitutional convention to consider a budget amendment and continued promoting the issue through his congressional career.

Idaho’s budget committee loses Integrity

Lawmakers claim they will add funding, but they have backed Idaho into a devastating default budget.

Launch grants: Game changer, or money pit?

Politically, there are reservations in the Legislature, and not just from those on the far right.

Book debate needs to end swiftly

Let’s work together to protect our children from harmful content in more effective ways.

Public School Transparency Act is a tool citizens, lawmakers need

This MSPC idea would require all public school districts, both on the first page of their budget and also on the front page of the district’s main website, to clearly report six simple things.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

The state of Idaho’s public charter schools is good

Many of the conversations I have at my job at Bluum as a charter school supporter revolve around numbers.

Governor’s school proposal too little, too late

How we got here is a lesson Idahoans cannot afford to forget. As our schools have gone long underfunded.

Arizona’s cautionary tale that Idaho lawmakers can still avoid repeating

Idaho can’t afford to financially support two new school systems.

Most education choice options are NOT vouchers, despite claims

Hopefully, lawmakers can come up with a plan that uniquely fits Idaho and helps more students succeed.