Clark Corbin, Idaho Capital Sun

Democratic Reps. Chew and Nash have substitutes serving for them in Idaho House

Former Boise schools superintendent Don Coberly is serving as a long-term substitute during 2024 Idaho legislative session.

JFAC strikes Health and Welfare administrative budget over child care program audit

The showdown centers on uncorrected issues flagged in August, in a stinging audit of a child care grant program.

Significant changes coming to how legislators on JFAC set state budgets

Budget changes, school funding, Medicaid and election year politics are all on tap for discussion this year.

Idaho legislative session kicks off Jan. 8

In May, all 105 seats in the Idaho Legislature expire and will be up for election.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little says state is well-prepared for uncertain economic future

Idaho’s top two statewide elected officials said Wednesday that the state is well-positioned to ride out economic uncertainty created by the collision of inflation and high interest rates with rapid growth officials are still taking stock of. Gov. Brad Little and Lt. Gov. Scott Bedke were among the speakers during the 77th annual Associated Taxpayers…

Idaho releases first state revenue report following transition to Luma system

Income, corporate and sales taxes come in at a combined $38.8M behind state projections.

Property tax cuts coming for Idaho homeowners through new state law

Homeowners will find out how much they will save on their November bill.

Idaho legislators circulating petitions to call special session to address primary

Some Idaho legislators want to reinstate the presidential primary election that legislators eliminated.

Idaho ends 2023 fiscal year with $99 million surplus

With the surplus, Idahoans to receive about $300 million in property tax cuts.

New coalition seeks to end Idaho’s closed primary elections

Organizers with Reclaim Idaho have teamed up with several other organizations to file a ballot initiative for the 2024 general election that is designed to replace Idaho’s closed primary elections with open primaries that any Idaho voter could participate in, regardless of political affiliation.  The initiative would also change Idaho general elections by creating a…