Idaho State reports enrollment increase, record retention rate

The freshman class is its largest in nearly a decade. Retention soared to 74%.

At Idaho State, Shoshone-Bannock students say they were often misunderstood or unseen

“Native Americans are always an afterthought,” one student said.

“Deeper than powwows”: Tribal leaders call on the education community to do more for Native students

“A lot of our students are having to navigate and function in a dysfunctional place of learning,” one educator said.

Prosecutor: “I didn’t pick this fight” with Idaho Falls school leaders

Now, both the district and prosecutors’ office are involved in extended litigation at taxpayers’ expense. 

The Village: Instead of criminalizing kids — help them

A new center in Pocatello is dedicated to getting youth back in school and out of the court system.

Mackay educator named 2024 Idaho Teacher of the Year

Trent Van Leuven changed the landscape of career technical education, expanding opportunities for students to encounter real-world applications for their everyday learning both in the classroom and in the field.

Propelling Hispanic youth into brighter futures, one summit at a time

“It changed the whole trajectory of my life,” a former attendee said. “I just felt seen.”

Emergency levy bill drops sharply

Two Eastern Idaho districts are collecting slightly more than $703,000 — and that would be the state’s lowest emergency levy bill in at least a decade.

PHOTO ESSAY: Blackfoot’s American Indian week celebrates culture, unites kids

“It’s one of those educational experiences that we give kids in our schools that we’ll never see on an ISAT or an IRI, but it’s going to be so beneficial,” Principal Anthony Peterson said.